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Journey back to Megalithic Gunung Padang Part 3

The chamber, level or Stages of Gunung Padang

          This drawing from Tempo magazine is interesting [1]
The artist drawing show the five level or stages of Gunung Padang, in which there are gate or two pilar on right and left forming a gate on the entrance of each level or stage (see pictures).

You can see the long 400 hundred step from the bottom, entrance village to the first gate forming the first level or stage.
The drawing also show three places of drilling and excavation for carbon dated test. 

On the South the highest Level or Terrace (1.5meter), the carbon test show the dating to be 500 BC. Below it the carbon test show the dating to be around 10,900 BC. Other drill and carbon test on the West Second Terrace dated 4,700 BC. 
Thus different dating found, means that this projects was probably done by very early civilization or world-being 10,900 BC, then by the human ancestor was again rearrange, because the pile was in a mess and scattered some on top of the others probably on earlier dated 4,700 BC and 500 BC. 
No body knows by who or what and how long and it remain a secret for a long time unless we can deciphere the coding or marks. The excavation and drilling found that there are chambers and many more pillar stone inside the mountain.

 If this is true than this piramid is bigger than any pyramid in Asia pacific, 95 meter tall with 70-75 degree steep angle, elevation 885 above sea level , covering area of 15 hectare (10 times of Borobudur)[2].

The first two pictures above are from the first stage/ terrace, then we go up to the second terrace and third, until we reached the last on top more to the south, which are the highest terrace at the back.

These are still view from the first terrace up to the second terrace on the tree above.
You can see the stone are all in chaos and scattered all over the place as if there is either explosion either from erruption of mountain or nuclear. We dont know what happened and why do they need so much pillar to support what ?

This is the view from the second stage/ terrace down to the first terrace and facing Mount Gede in the far end, probably not seen because there is lots of cloud and mist.
The next picture are from the 2nd terrace looking up and the warning sign from the local Government for not to take or disturb this archeology treasure site. 
The sign board contain instructions for any forbidden acts to disturb this archeological site.
Entering the third terrace there is a stool from stone, believed by our guide, once King Siliwangi sit there to meditate facing Mount Pangrango.
There must be many such kind of religious tourist coming here for meditate and send their wishes and offering.

Another place for meditation on the pillar that are arranged as the floor of this third terrace.

compared scattered stone with PumaPunku ruins
It is believed that under this terrace there is more pillars stone and might be chambers which are not explore yet ?
This is the field on the forth terrace, before further up south to the fifth last terrace. Modern platform build by the Government to provide the visitor with a resting and observation  deck. On the fifth terrace.
View from the forth and fift terrace.  Resting place for the guide after a tiring journey up the stairs. There is picture showing some of the important Government people who visited this slide.
I had visited Piramid Chichen Itza in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Comparing these site.. seems that this megalithic site is much much older and position wise probably looks like the Machu Picchu ruin before it was restore in 1911. But the scattered stone resemble more the megalithic ruin at PumaPunku or klik: http://blog.world-mysteries.com/science/ancient-ruins-of-tiwanacu-and-pumapunku/
very steep step at chichen itza
 Many different stories coming from the conversation with these guide which believe more that all these Gunung Padang artefacts (pilar stone) are resulted from the force of nature, just like some rocks formed by the lava and moving up. Then our ancestor make the stone a bit in order when they found the stone in chaos and scattered all over the top of the mountain
You can see the strange dent and formation of these stone are all smoothly polished but there are strange dent either for marking or is sign or code not yet been deciphers or understood what ?
stair at chichen itza, mexico

Finally on the Way Down
This is the stairway on the way down, a bit slippery when it is wet but very strong stairway that exist for thousand of years and still can be used as stair.

I still believe these are not for stair but it is scattered stone by previous founders and arranged by our next ancestor who found these scattered pilars anf form place for religious purpose to respect the founder of these infrastructure pillars projects. Amazing.

 More Strange Sign from the Past ?
 The main stairway is very steep down, since it was raining, we did not use this main straight stair down (100m) to the villages, but we chose the detour and safer stares a bit longer walks (350m).

Again we found some strange symbol, code carved or dented on the pillar or stone, which showed as if these stone were once very soft like a pudding and can be easily carved with strange symbol.

 Above another Javanese dagger (keris) and small paw of some kind of cat or tiger and strange symbol inprint in the stone.

The detour stair build by the local Government to help tourist to use detour stairway which are much safer and also probably to protect the original stair.

After about 300 meter we can see our car park downstair in the front of the villages and the entrance of the Gunung padang site.
 The villages downstair looks small from above and our car park in front of the warteg (small cafe).

Posing in front of the entrance where the main staircase go up to Gunung Padang site.
The ticket entrance booth to enter the Gunung padang stairway.
Sitting down, taking a rest after tired climb in a warung (cafe) with my guide before we left the site.

It was an amazing journey to the megalithic past of mankind ancestor.
On the way back, Gunung Gedein the background and tea plantion everywhere.

About 8 km down after leaving the tea plantation we enter a mining complex. The hill which are mined probably filled with coal or probably stone and gold.
We suspect the thousand piles stones came from here ?

 But how they can carry it up to the mountain ? How do they slam and stab these heavy long pillar on the ground, which today use special type of tractors and machines.

Using normal theory or using our guide theory that these piles are form by nature is not possible and some say act of God ? Probably using Ancient Alien theory is much easier that probably some sort of not from this world-being need these thousand of pillar for the base of their landing site. 

And when they blast off , probably scattered all the concretes and later used by the next ancestor as site of meditation and their belief ? No body knows or probably someday ?

On the way home we encounter beautiful display in the sky on the way back to Jakarta. It was a rainbow during sunset at almost 18.00 in Sukabumi near District Warungkondang.

The Internet project that lead us to visit Gunung Padang. This Wardes is located 20 km from Gunung Padang is to provide internet access for tourist that is on the way to Gunung Padang. The projects involved a network of 112 Wardes or Village Internet Cafe in West Java province and Banten provinces.

Rudi Rusdiah – rrusdiah@yahoo.com actually this journey is to promote wardes or Village Net Cafe that located on the way to Gunung Padang.

[1]    Tempo (2012), Main Report: Mencari Terang di Gunung Padang, page 50-51, Issue 2 September 2012
[2]    Travel Club 2011), Archeology Tourism: Ancient History: Tertulis di Bebatuan Gunung Padang' by Nia Janiar,  page 36 to page 39,   August 2011 Edition. 

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