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Journey back to Megalithic Gunung Padang - Part 2


The cross sections of this long and heavy pillar some are nice pentagon (five sides) and some are strange like elongated pentagon.
          From here the landscape is open and bright as bright as its name Gunung Padang, and we can already see the lanscape below and the villages seems to be very tiny in the far end below, which show that we are almost at the top of the hill, although we are just before the entrance of the first hall. 

The scenery facing five higher mountains according to our guide, including  Gunung Pangrango, Gunung Gede, GunungPasir and in the back also five lower hills some covered with tea plantations.
Thus the view is beautiful and you can see the landscape of highland and mountainous area, but our view was block by clouds and mists, so we cannot see the mountain very clearly in the far ends.
Most of the pillar or pile stone has dents seems like a unique mark for Gunung Padang scattered pile stones. 

Some dents are perfect round and seems you can insert a pingpong ball, some oval and some forms like a signs with no meaning for us to deciphers, but some like previous pillar in the entrance looks like tiger claws, flowers or even Indonesian traditional daggers (keris).


There are many unique type and shape of Stones, although majority shape are like long pillar just like the pilar used as reinforced concrete foundation of a building (tiang pancang) or concrete to hold the sidebed of a river in the city.

Usually this long pilar shape form the gates (see pictures on my right and left like the entrance gate) and fence or wall lining up some in square and form the partition of each level or the five stage of Gunung Padang.  There is like a gong or like a round/oval table shape stone with unique brownish and yellowish color unique from the a little bit dark gray long pilar stone stab on the ground. 

The gong stone position at the corner of a square hall (or probably chamber), according to my guide is the gathering or meeting hall.  
Next, outside the square hall very near, there is the gamelan or music stone, looks like the ordinary long pillar stone.

But knocking on the stone, provide metal like sounds and different tone can be heard by knocking on different part of the stone. 
Very interesting stone, according to the guide, this particular stone has high concentration of metal, so that it sounds like a metal when you knock on it.

There is one stone round/oval not square in shape among the long pillar stone, said to be the cornerstone or the symbol of wholeness of the being who was once building this megalithic prehistorical infrastructure stone projects.

Or a shorter stone for sitting with two pillar to support your arms, said by our guide to be the seat of King (or Indonesian Prabu) Siliwangi, who once ruled in this West Jawa. 

If you sit there, then you will faced Gunung Gede and Gunung Pangrango and beautiful scenery to the valley down, from the village where we came from.

The Level, Stages or the Five Terrace of Gunung Padang
...to be continued to Part 3...

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